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We Love Dance

Our teacher's love dancing, love people and love sharing the gift of dance. We believe learning to dance should be  fun and easy with every step. We want you to enjoy being on the dance floor like never before.

We  understand everyone learns differently and that is  what makes our combination of 1 to 1's/private lessons alongside group classes every Thursday night and Saturday afternoons the perfect way to get you moving. Dance nights are next and a  wonderful way to have a great night out with friends on the dance floor!


1 to 1's

Private lessons are the perfect way to learn at your own speed while mastering the art of leading/following and the movement of each dance.


Dance Night's

Dance Night's are where everything you are learning comes in to full swing , party practice and have a great night out with everyone !


Group Classes

Once you are confident with your basic steps Group classes are a great way to learn more and become comfortable dancing with any partner

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