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Do I need a partner to learn with?

No, in a group class there are lots if people to dance with. The group class instructor rotates people around so everyone has the chance to dance with a variety of people and develop their partnering skills. This is a great way to learn and in your 1 to 1 lessons your teacher is with you the entire time to dance and develop your individual skills.


What happens on your Sample Lesson?

On your Sample Lesson try to arrive a little early so you can settle in  and fill out a registration form before you get started. Your teacher will then take you to the dance floor and teach you some of the basic steps in the dances you're interested in learning. If you enjoy your lesson and have fun your teacher will show you how to get started with an introductory program.


What will I learn?

There are 12 main social dances - 4 Ballroom, 4 Latin and 4 Street latin. Firstly we teach you the basic rhythm of a dance and where you put your feet then the rules of leading and following. Over the Introductory program we normally get time to cover 5 to six dances with a couple of steps in each. 


When can I have my lessons?

You can book your 1 to 1 lessons anytime 12 to 10pm Monday till Friday and Saturday's 12.30 - 5.30pm. Our group classes are held Thursday evenings at 7.30 and 8.30pm St Andrews Church Hall Southgate and Saturday's 2.30pm at Southgate Methodist Church Hall.  Your teacher will let you know when it is best to attend and they will book you in for the appropriate class.

Please don't hesitate to call us on 07460 004 298 or email us at forever if you have any further 


How do I get started?

We start everyone with a 1 to 1 Sample Lesson/Taster to start with which is £35 for a single and £40 for a couple. If you enjoy the Sample Lesson your teacher would then enrol you on an Introductory program . The single's Introductory program consists of 3 x 1hr 1 to1 lessons and 3 x 1hr complimentary group classes. The total cost is £180 with an introductory discount of £35 bringing the cost to £145. If you're learning as a couple the Introductory program is made up of 5 x 1hr 1 to 1 lessons and 5 x 1hr complimentary group classes totalling £325 discounted to £275 for new students.

On a program basis all group classes are complimentary.

All lessons are 1hr duration.

Introductory discounts do not apply to couples learning for a Wedding dance.

Casual private lessons are at different rates, £70 for singles and £80 for couples.


How long  will it take me to learn?

Dancing is a very individual and personal skill with people's ability varying greatly, so it is difficult to put a time estimation learning. However, most people can expect to move through the basic stages in a few weeks. after that it depends on how often you attend your lessons and practice in between.

Everybody is different and everyone learns differently.

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