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The Ballroom dances we

We teach all the main social dances so you can learn to dance to any music whether you're out at a party, wedding or one of our dance nights.

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The Waltz is considered the most romantic of the Ballroom dances, with soft flowing movements swinging  and turning effortlessly around the dance floor.


The Foxtrot is very similar to the Waltz in its smoothness. However its natural movement  has longer curves and a  stronger linier movement due to the music. The Foxtrot is typically danced to big band swing-style music, but it may be danced to more modern music types. 

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English Tango

The Tango is a dramatic, fiery dance that is derived from the Argentine Tango. It features head snaps, sharp movements, and cat-like steps in 4/4 time with an accent on the drum beat. Tango comes from the slums of Buenos Aires


The 1920's brought about Charleston mania. Dancers new found love of fast intricate moves had a major impact on the Ballroom world and the development of what would become known as Quickstep. Sudden changes in direction, light floating steps and unexpected syncopations are the hallmarks of this fantastic dance. 

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