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The Latin Dances we teach

We teach all the main social dances so you can learn to dance to any music whether you're out at a party, wedding or one of our dance nights.


Cha Cha

Cha Cha originated in Havana Cuba in the Silver Star Club. With its Afro Cuban roots it became very popular and quickly spread across America and Europe. Cha Cha is a fast playful dance that can be danced to authentic Cuban music as well as Latin rock.


Samba is an Afro Cuban dance that originated in Brazil. It is characterized by its lively and energetic steps and its music has a strong pronounced beat long associated with the Carnivals in Brazil.



Cuban Rumba also found its origins in Havana Cuba with Afro Cuban roots. It is a slower romantic dance that can be danced to Cuban music as well as modern contemporary songs.


Jive is a fast energetic American dance again with Afro Cuban roots. Swing and Rock n Roll had a big influence on its development. It is usually  danced to big band jazz and also Rock n Roll style music

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